2021 Dawes Hall Campdraft

Sporting Events

11 Jun 2021 to 13 Jun 2021 Annual Event

If you’ve never been to a campdraft before, you’re in for a treat! Distinctively Australian, campdrafts are a ritual of the drover, harking back to the mid-1880s and passed down through generations. Balance, timing, and strength are on full show as riders cut one bull, steer or stag away from the herd and guide them into the camp (arena). Suddenly, everything happens at whip-cracking speed, horse and rider with only seconds to go guide the animal through a course and figure eights and then through the gates (flags).

Held at the beautiful Dawes Hall campdrafting grounds, a canteen and licensed bar operate over the weekend.

Event Dates

Annual Event

11 Jun 2021 to 13 Jun 2021