Jheli Emmett Sleepy Brunettes and David Martyn live at Banshees

Concert or Performance

19 Jun 2021 Once Only Event

On Ipswich Cup Day instead of raising money for racing syndicates and gambling companies come to Banshees for the running of the Banshee Cup where we will watch amazing artists perform, raise money for Save a Horse Australia, and run around on hobby horses with cruelty-free fun.
***Raffles Ahoy!***

A fantabulous lineup!

Jheli Emmett – Chugging rhythms and floating chord progressions, think Joni Mitchell, Alice Coltrane and Dead Kennedy’s, Josh Pyke with Slipknot.

Sleepy Brunettes – From searching tones to high-frequency harmonies, this duo blends sultry blues and eclectic country, with influences from Tom Waits to Casey Chambers; their sound can be described as ‘beat country’ w/ effortless banter in between

David Martyn – Draw on a lot of the early blues, folk and early jazz influences of the day (early to mid 1900s), as well as some performers that are still above ground.


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From AU$10.00

Event Dates

Once Only Event

19 Jun 2021

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