Miriam Innes – Artist-In-Residence

Exhibition and Shows

10 Sep 2020 to 25 Sep 2020 Once Only Event

Recently, Miriam Innes won the Local Award in the Du Rietz Art Awards with her detailed charcoal drawing of upper Mary Street titled ‘Where were you when ’.

During her exhibition ‘Roundabout: New York and Gympie’ she will be Artist-In-Residence working on a large scale drawing of a familiar Gympie scene.

Pop in and have a chat with her and see her hyper-realistic process using charcoal. Born in Ireland, Miriam feels like she oscillates between two worlds – the natural and built environment and the organic qualities of her medium, charcoal, to the ‘bog oak’ found close to her home.


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Event Dates

Once Only Event

10 Sep 2020 to 25 Sep 2020