Hotel Australia Miles


The newly renovated Hotel Australia is the perfect place for a great night out, or to host your next function.

The front bar is great for getting together with friends, unwinding after work, playing a game of pool or it is the perfect place to meet new people.

The back bar is the place to chill out in the comfy lounges, have a game of pool, and listen to all the latest music on the jukebox.

Or, if you prefer, get some friends together and head out into the beer garden.

There are plasma TV’s throughout the venue so you can check out the latest video clips, sports and entertainment. Join in on the fun with the Footy Tipping Competition.

With so many beers on tap, great selection of wine, spirits, liqueurs and premix drinks – Hotel Australia is the outstanding entertainment venue in Miles.

Organize your next event, party, function or get together with friends at Hotel Australi