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Kinesiology is a way forward, free from pain.

Physical Pain (Back, Shoulder, Knee, Injury, Surgery)
Emotional Pain (Depression, Anxiety)
Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia)

Kinesiology is a gentle process where you will see, over the period of a month, changes occurring in a subtle way. You will feel empowered that you have taken a lead role in your own healing processes.

In some cases, there are layers to healing. If the illness or disease has been with you for a long period of time that may require ongoing treatment before total healing can be present.

What to expect from a Kinesiology Session

The first Kinesiology Session is a one hour session whereby they identify the original pattern creating disharmony, whether that be physical, mental or emotional. Then you work together to clear the energy you have taken on from other people and genetic patterns, thereby creating a clear path for you to move forward.

The changes integrate over the next three to four weeks. You will see changes in your physical reality, in the form of physical healing. You will also gain the ability to manage your emotions and thoughts, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing.


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