The Arkaba Walk


Australia’s environment is one of the most specialized and diverse on earth and the best way to appreciate its subtleties is on foot. With expert guides to interpret the geology, flora and fauna of the Flinders Ranges, the three-day walking safari brings a few luxury touches to an immersive bush experience.

Traversing Wilpena Pound and 60,000 acres of Arkaba’s private wildlife conservancy, the walk is an opportunity to share with just a privileged few one of Australia’s most spectacular outback landscapes.

From dry creek beds and isolated waterholes, lined with 1,000 year old river red gums to craggy ridge lines and rolling hills covered in cypress pines to the ancient ramparts of Wilpena Pound, this is some of the most stunning walking country in Australia. Arkaba’s guides will share their passion for the conservation of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage. They will also show you the secret spots on the property and recount stories of the indigenous inhabitants, explorers and settlers, who have created the area’s human history.

Two nights are spent at signature swag camps, Elder Camp, which are in spectacular locations on the property with the third night at the beautifully restored 1850s Arkaba homestead.


Adventure Birdwatching Disabled access available Ecotourism Certified (EA) Extended Food & Wine Hiking History & Heritage International Moderate Nature & Wildlife Nature and wildlife Signature Experiences The Ecotourism Association of Australia Walk Walking and Biking Tours


From $2200 to $2500

The Flinders Ranges provide the setting for one of the most spectacular walks in outback Australia. This four day/three night walking safari starts at the Arkaba homestead and takes guests through a variety of spectacular country on Arkaba Station and Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges National Park.

Our expert guides share their passion and knowledge of the environment and will inspire and motivate their fellow walkers. Guests have the chance to immerse themselves in the Ranges varied habitats. The guides will show you secret spots on the property and recount stories of the people, indigenous inhabitants, explorers and settlers, who have created the human history of this area.

Walks are conducted in small groups of up to eight people and accompanied by an expert guide. Camps are set up in spectacular locations on the property and provide the chance to sleep out under the stars in swag. At the end of each day, walkers are greeted by a camp that has been set up in advance, a delicious dinner and a good supply of wines and other beverages. The final night is spent at the beautifully restored 1850’s Arkaba Homestead.

Weekly departures on a Thursday mid March to October.

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