Pete Dobre Photographic Tours and Workshops


Pete Dobré, as he shares his knowledge through Photographic Tours and Workshops.

Pete operates photo tours within Australia , Africa , USA ,New Zealand

You don’t have to be into photography to benefit from his tours. He runs these with his partner Vicki Freer who is a professional Photographer as well. You will be inspired and they take you through a visual journey of each area .

The best way to describe the business is boutique destination Tours with the camera where the max that is allowed on tour is 8. Small numbers means you get more guidance with your photography.

As you learn to take better pictures, you will be inspired as your ability and photography will be taken to a new level. You will be radically inspired and have your outlook changed forever.

Often people do basic mistakes with the camera when on their holidays Pete and Vicki will help you with this.

You will gain a good understanding on how light is the key aspect to anything that you photograph. You will be inspired by each trip you do with Pete and Vicki.

Pete is also available for private workshops. .


Basic Customised Extended Land - Motorised Nature & Wildlife Nature and wildlife Nightlife Tours Sightseeing Tours Walk Water - Motorised


From $120 to $5950

Learn from Pete himself and be inspired as he personally passes on his knowledge of photography and his techniques in capturing Kangaroo Island’s dramatic landscape.

Pete’s tour of Kangaroo Island caters for all levels of experience from hobbyists and beginners, through to the advanced. The small group sizes ensure a great learning experience for all.

You will go to another level in your photography as Pete teaches you about the importance of light, composition, form and texture. He will also teach you how use camera manually and once you do this, you will have more control of the light which leads to stunning pictures taken by you.

In all of Pete’s photo Tours he gives you stunning locations to shoot. Refer to website for more details. If you want to be inspired, then join Pete on Kangaroo Island to be inspired. You’ll have a great time.

From $4695 to $5250

This is a stunning Photographic Tour where Pete and Vicki showcase the stunning areas to visit. They put you in the right place at the right time to see the Island at its best. You don’t have to be into Photography to be apart of the tour as the advantage of doing this from a non photo background, you benefit from Pete and Vicki’s knowledge and you will see the Island at its best as compared to just seeing the island.

Pete and Vicki work with small numbers, max of 8 people are they describe their tours as boutique tours .

Pete has been coming to the Island for 30 years and knows it backwards.
“…. I was heading off on another adventure with you guys.The 2nd trip with you was just as good as the first. Pete your enthusiasm for photography and teaching together with your outstanding knowledge of the area is a killer combination. Vicki I can’t image what a trip would be like without you on board. (Keeping Pete under control) You make an awesome pair and I’m 100% sure I’ll be joining you again somewhere, sometime.. “Catherine.

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