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‘Yarnbala’ is a concept which comes from a deep love for nature combined with a desire to share that love in a way that is memorable for you – an intensely personal deep immersion into the nature of Coffin Bay.

Discover an unknown isolated slice of Coffin Bay, in a way that nature intended us to experience it. Be immersed in the wilderness in total privacy completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds and the bush – it takes you to another world.

Experience nature and the deep connection that comes from immersing yourself into the natural wilderness of Coffin Bay.


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Our tour is located in our own private slice of national park on the edge of Coffin Bay.

This tour walks you through the wonder of nature in its untouched state. Starting out with a demonstration of organic gardening, followed by a slow wander into the wilderness as Kane brings to life the flora and fauna that surrounds you on the short journey. Glimpse the variety of birdlife, mammals and bush tucker plants. You will come to appreciate the beauty and majesty of nature and begin to sense the calmness that comes from being completely disconnected from the stresses of life.

The wandering leads you to the sanctuary of Yarnbala, the central hub – a magnificent building that is somewhat of a piece of art – and learn the methods to building with natural materials, utilising natural resources for energy and the simplicity that comes from relying on what you can source and recycle. This building is breathtaking and wraps around you as a brilliant end to the journey.

Here you will enjoy some time to connect with others on the tour, nibble away at our bush tucker platters and enjoy full bar service as you are together in nature.

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