Yumbarra Conservation Park

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Yumbarra Conservation Park is named after the Yumbarra rock hole, one of many deep depressions weathered into the rocky outcrops that protrude from the landscape. After rain, these rock holes fill with water and provide an important water source for local wildlife.

The park has vast areas of rolling sand dunes and is an important conservation area for a number of rare and vanishing native species, including malleefowl and sand hill dunnarts. Kangaroos, southern hairy-nosed wombats and dingoes also inhabit the park. With rock holes creating wildlife congregation points and with uncrowded foliage, the park is an ideal birdwatching area.

In the north eastern corner of the park along Goog’s Track, lies Goog’s Lake, a popular tourist destination with clearly marked scenic camping grounds, monuments to Goog and Dinger Denton (who forged Goog’s Track) and a number of easy walking tracks.


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Yumbarra Conservation Park


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