Terrestrial – RoxbyLink Auditorium

Concert or Performance

15 Jun 2018

Country Arts South Australia presents a State Theatre Company South Australia production.

Leigh Creek has depended on its mine since forever and a day. But when Liddy, a teenage alien obsessive, and her mum arrive in town, seeking escape, they find a community collapsing in on itself with the impending mine closure. Liddy swiftly connects with Badar, a witty, cynical 15 year old just like her. An outsider just like her. A lover of sci-fi, just like her.

The two newly crowned best friends explore what is fast becoming a ghost town, embracing their difference and celebrating their shared eccentricities. But when Badar disappears Liddy must search back through her recent past to find the point where reality and fantasy divide.

Fleur Kilpatrick makes her State Theatre Company playwriting debut with this mysterious love letter to the abandoned communities of regional South Australia. Directed by the perceptive Nescha Jelk (Gorgon, Othello) Terrestrial promises to both touch the heart and engage the mind.

Recommended for years 9 and above.

School Bookings available – for all school booking enquiries please contact Tammy.hall@countryarts.org.au

Roxby Downs, RoxbyLink Auditorium: 15 June 2018, 11am
Bookings: Roxbylink Visitor Information Centre Ph. 8671 5941