A Fanciful Notion


An Idea Born On The Back Of A Napkin.
We’ve all had those nights when you are out with mates and after a couple of wines you come up with the best business idea ever. Usually a few more wines are consumed and the idea is forgotten, or you never have the balls to take it any further.
We drank the wines. We came up with the idea. We had the balls.
A Fanciful Notion is that idea unleashed onto the world.
Whimsy wine brings you one off (pop-up), small batch wines chosen for their quality, representing all that is unique and anticipated from a South Australian wine region. Whimsy wine is all about real people, real passion and great wines to share with your people.
Quiet Revolution wine have committed to providing a portable soapbox for people to spread their message to the masses. We promote, we donate, we do what we can.


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