Locality (Unbounded)

Located 600 kilometres north of Adelaide and 130 kilometres east of Leigh Creek, and in the ruggedly spectacular northern Flinders Ranges, this 610 square kilometre multi award-winning Wilderness Sanctuary, operated by the Sprigg family, contains some of Australia’s most spectacular mountain views and offers numerous Advanced Ecotourism accredited guided tours.

Arkaroola features rugged mountains, towering granite peaks, magnificent gorges and mysterious waterholes, the home to over 160 species of birds and the shy and endangered Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby.

Arkaroola is a Mecca for bushwalkers and four wheel drivers. The spectacular Advanced Ecotourism accredited rugged four wheel drive Ridgetop Tour is world famous; journey to the depths of ancient seabeds and across razor-back ridges and peaks of the Flinders Ranges most rugged mountains to the magnificent climax at Sillers Lookout.

Being the first Flinders Ranges tourist organisation to achieve the coveted Advanced Ecotourism accreditation, and with now a total of eleven such products available for you to enjoy, Arkaroola is truly unique.

Most visitors tend to travel to Arkaroola via Leigh Creek and Copley, a trip that is about 130 kilometres in distance. The road from Copley is unsealed but generally in excellent condition. The average driving time from Leigh Creek via Nepabunna is approximately two hours.