Wheat and women have put the town of Freeling firmly on the map, cementing its place in both reflective and modern history.

Freeling was the home of the award-winning Australian TV show, McLeod’s Daughters. It’s a quaint rural town with many historical buildings. You can wander the heritage streets at leisure, or follow the walking trail and learn about Freeling’s rich farming history.

A number of visitors head straight for the Gungellan Hotel – as seen by fans of McLeod’s Daughters in some 100 countries. The pub and streets of Freeling featured regularly in the McLeod shooting schedules, with nearby Kapunda and Roseworthy occasionally being called into the action. The proprietors of the Gungellan Hotel (formerly The Railway) are used to answering questions from the series’ many fans. Souvenirs are available to purchase.

If you’re wondering, the McLeod’s station Drover’s Run lay some 15 kilometres to the south-west, filmed on a real property called Kingsford. You can now stay in luxury at the beautifully restored Kingsford Homestead. But the local countryside is one of the major stars of the show – and free for everyone to enjoy!

Freeling is set on gentle, rolling hills. In the early 1900s, it was the largest hay-producing centre in the state. Haystacks were so large, they could be seen for miles. Today, although the haystacks have diminished in size, the town’s popularity has boomed due to McLeod’s Daughters.