Halfway across Australia on Eyre Highway, Kimba is a friendly picturesque town. It is the eastern gateway to the spectacular Gawler Ranges, which are a 100 kilometre drive north-west, offering visitors the chance to experience the open spaces and solitude of the outback.

Pastoral leases were first granted around Kimba in 1872 and the first crops sown in 1908, leading to the district’s reputation today as one of South Australia’s major grain belts.

Kimba is a recreational vehicle (RV) friendly town providing all the amenities to meet the needs of the traveller. Free camping is available at the Recreation Reserve, Lions Apex Central Park or The Gums.

Visit key attractions including the Edward John Eyre sculptures, Whites Knob Lookout, Big Galah, Halfway across Australia sign, historical museum and the Roora Reserve Walking Trail which features wildlife sculptures and informative signs along the trail.

Kimba is now a thriving community with most modern facilities including two supermarkets, a laundromat, internet access at the community library, and a variety of accommodation and mechanical services. You will find the community friendly and relaxed; they are open to visitors and eager to help those in need. Enjoy the relaxed environment that you will find in Kimba and districts.