Macclesfield is a small town in the leafy Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

You can wander the town with its historic buildings and old village feeling and enjoy a meal and a drink at one of the local historic hotels.

It still has wonderful examples of early stone architecture that remain as dwellings to this day and there are an abundance of good walks both in and around the village.

The Macclesfield Weekly Market is operated by the Battunga Country Growers’ Market, held every Sunday. Grab fabulous home-grown, handmade, organic and fair trade produce.

You can drive to Macclesfield on the beautiful Angus River Scenic Drive (route B33). It takes about 45 minutes from the city of Adelaide.

And there’s more to discover in the Adelaide Hills.

It’s the home of boutique wineries, country markets, art galleries and charming villages. It’s also the place for romantic weekends away, cosy pub meals, scenic drives and nature walks.

Children love the Adelaide Hills’s giant rocking horse, National Motor Museum and wildlife parks.

Located only 20 minutes from Adelaide’s central business district, the Adelaide Hills provide a wonderfully refreshing change from the pace of the city.