Whether you want to kick back and relax while enjoying the varied local landscapes, or take part in more active past times – Orroroo has something for you. Situated in the Flinders Ranges, there are many options available to fill in your days. Try bushwalking, four-wheel driving, utilising the public sporting facilities or marvelling at the phenomenon of Magnetic Hill.

The history of this area is remarkable and the townships feature beautiful old stone buildings. Also available to visit are historic rail bridges, a pug and pine hut built in the early 1880s, Yesteryear Gallery featuring fashion dating back to the 1830s, the local historical society and ghost towns to mention a few.

The local Pekina Creek Walking Trail is a must, featuring Aboriginal Carvings, the giant gum tree, a rock poem carved in 1896 and a picturesque barbecue area.

The district attracts visitors every year to Black Rock Dirt Circuit Racing, Carrieton Rodeo, Carrieton Campdraft, the local Agricultural and Horticultural Show and the Quilting and Arid Gardens weekend.

Accommodation is available to all tastes and budgets including motel, hotel, caravan park (including ensuite cabins), bed and breakfasts and bush camping.