Stone Hut

Locality (Unbounded)

The small community of Stone Hut offers a number of attractions for visitors to the region. Hickory’s Run Café provides meals with locally sourced ingredients, and it also features an olive grove (just north of Stone Hut).

After your delicious meal, take the historic walk, and read about Stone Hut’s fascinating history on the interpretive signs around town. For a more energetic experience, walk up the hill to the Stone Hut Lookout, where views of the surrounding district can be enjoyed from the picnic table at the top. There is also car access to the lookout.

The ruined cottage from which the town got its name can still be seen on the banks of Rocky River about one kilometre west of town. This hut was used as a stopover point for teamsters carting wood from the Wirrabara Forest to the Burra mines, and returning with stores for the towns of Wirrabara and Melrose.

The golf club between Stone Hut and Laura is a good bush course. For the cyclist there is a rail trail between Stone Hut and Laura, or mountain bikers can take the more adventurous route along the mountain bike trail.

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