William Creek

Locality (Unbounded)

With a population of just 10, William Creek is one of the smallest towns in Australia and situated on the world’s largest working cattle station – 24,000 square kilometre Anna Creek Station, part of the S Kidman & Co empire.

The timber and corrugated iron pub, dating from 1887, is like a giant visitors’ book. Over the years it has been adorned with business cards, hand scrawled notes, bras, jocks and anything else not nailed down.

Across the road is a little museum established by the William Creek Progress Association and the friendly folk at the William Creek Store (take the time to learn the intriguing story of the Burtt Stone). Other highlights are charter flights over Lake Eyre, a 30-minute walk along the railway line to Breakfast Time Creek and camel safaris operated by Explore the Outback Camel Safaris (available April to September). Every April, the town plays host to the William Creek races.

Heading north from Coward Springs, you will pass ruins marking the old Strangways Siding and Strangways Telegraph Station, once one of 11 repeater stations boosting communications on the Overland Telegraph Line between Adelaide and Darwin. Soon after, the gibber plains make way for a burst of red dunes and finally the saltbush flat of William Creek.