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Award-winning Auswalk with its decades of expertise is an excellent way to explore the Tasmanian wilderness. Having two knowledgeable guides means they can offer you a choice of easier and harder pack free walk options each day. At the end of each day, you’ll enjoy a hot shower, good food and wine in the company of like minded friends in one of their hand-picked comfortable accommodations.
Their walks include the Tasmanian Wilderness Hiker, Mount Field and Anne, Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain; the Tasmania Coastal Hiker, Freycinet, Bay of Fires and the highlights of the Three Capes; or their Tarkine Cradle Mountain walk.
If your passion is about authentic exploration, about unplugging and re-connection, to have a deeper experience of a destination, so that in the end you perhaps triumphed, had some fun and ultimately the experience has left you feeling better than you did before you started; then you have come to the right place.


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This tour focuses on Tasmania’s sunny East Coast.
The Bay of Fires, which, like so much of the East Coast, is dominated by pink granite with a very high quartz content that breaks down into pure white sand.
Next is a jewel amongst Tasmania’s National Parks – Freycinet Peninsula. Their hike includes beautiful Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach.
Further south is the Tasman Peninsula with its magnificent geological formations with names like the Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Devil’s Kitchen, Tasman’s Arch and Waterfall Bay.
This seven day group guided walking holiday starts in Launceston and finishes in Hobart. They operate it with two guides so they can offer you a choice of easier and harder walk options along the way.

On this holiday Auswalk focus on Tasmania’s wild lakes, rivers and mountains. Twenty per cent of Tasmania is World Heritage Area so you can be assured of fabulous scenery and unique vegetation.
Get a birds-eye view over Lake Pedder from the Mt Anne Track. Then at Mt Field you’ll hike to Russell Falls and the incredibly beautiful Tarn Shelf, where a string of alpine tarns dot the landscape.
See the Great Lake and mural town of Sheffield en route to Cradle Mountain. The grand finale is superb hiking at Cradle Mountain, including an ascent of Hansons Peak and a traverse of the Cradle Mountain Face Track.
This eight-day group guided walking holiday starts in Hobart and finishes in Launceston and can easily be joined with their other Tassie walks.

As you approach the rugged Furneaux Group of islands, Flinders looks like a motley collection of jumbled mountains jutting out of the sea. As well as tall peaks, sea cliffs, large rivers and idyllic coves, much of the central part of the island is covered in lush green farmland and dotted with tiny settlements.
The walking offers tremendous variety. There are rocky coastlines to explore, interspersed with beautiful sandy beaches. There are serene river estuaries and picturesque inlets. There’s an opportunity to climb the highest peak on the island as well as several smaller peaks. If you have a good head for heights, there’s a chance to ascend Mt Pillinger.
Wildlife abounds too. There are numerous wallabies, huge Cape Barren geese, wild peacocks, pheasants, birds of prey and large numbers of seabirds. Summer weather is mild compared with most of Australia, and winters never have frost. During this seven-day group guided walking holiday, their small groups are accommodated at a four and a half star retreat at the foot of Mt Strzelecki, overlooking Trousers Point Beach. You will be accompanied by two guides so there will be a choice of easier and harder walk options along the way.

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