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Born and raised in Tasmanian waters, the team at Eudaimonia Tasmanian Cycling Tours believe that Tasmania is best explored outdoors.
We think that riding along open roads, whether surrounded by trees, a body of water, or maybe nothing but your own breath, is the perfect way to find oneself; to appreciate our place on this earth and how much there is around us.
We want to help you step away from your everyday routine of work and scheduled rides and experience Tasmania in the best way known by our team; on two self-propelled wheels. We’re not here to tear each other to shreds (although in the right scenario, that is always a possibility). While we can’t guarantee tropical weather (or anything close for that matter), we’re here to find a balance between putting your feet up, relaxing by the pool and exploring what we have identified as the best parts of Tasmania.
Whether you have two hours or two weeks, we are here to do all the thinking for you.
From accommodation, route selection and the assurance of having a local to guide you along the way, we want you to experience the best Tassie has to offer.


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Our first custom Tour of Tasmania is designed to celebrate a group of ladies turning 50 and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate such a milestone.
We have designed a 10 day cycling experience where you just bring your cycling gear and we take care of the rest. With 8 guided rides, a day spent at Derby, some hiking at Freycinet National Park and evenings spent over a glass of wine and good food, get ready to be pampered on this 10 day Tasmanian cycling experience.


Starting and ending in Hobart, we’re excited to bring you a three-day food and riding journey around the ‘Southern Trove’ area (Bruny Island, Cygnet and Huonville). One of our favourite places to ride a bike, we not only explore our favourite parts of Southern Tasmania, but take you through a full Tasmanian gastronomic experience in the process.
We have designed a 3 day cycling experience where you just bring your cycling gear and we take care of the rest. With 3 guided rides, a guided yoga and relaxation session, evenings spent over locally sourced food and beverages and scenery you will simply never forget. This is not just a cycling tour, this is an experience you will remember forever.


We’re excited to offer a 7 day road and gravel tour of Tasmania. We kick off the first day with an epic 140km including an optional summit of the famous Ben Lomond and Jacob’s Ladder. We follow an ‘off the beaten track’ route to Freycinet National Park as well as traversing the Hydro focused Central Highlands. With the emergence of the gravel scene in the cycling community and the endless forestry and back gravel roads in Tasmania, this tour is not to be missed.
Most of the gravel in Tassie is pretty tame, as such tyres with a minimum of 32mm clearance and disc breaks will suffice. There are a number of steep sections on this route so be prepared to bring your best climbing legs to the party.


We’re excited to offer you a comprehensive tour of the wild West Coast of Tasmania. From Cradle mountain to Queenstown and back into the mountains of the Central Highlands, the West Coast of Tasmania has some truly stunning scenery to showcase.

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