Dark Cave | Sky Light

Concert or Performance

6 Mar 2021 to 7 Mar 2021 Once Only Event

A deep interior journey within atmospheric wilderness experienced lightly through the spectacular Tahune AirWalk.
A multi-voiced performative reading of the mythopoetic text Dark Cave interwoven with viola, cello and choir. The performance will feature Janelle Mendham, Emily Sheppard, Lucy Wilson, Ruth Hadlow and the Far South Singers and Dark Cave, readers.
Bookings essential. Limited places.
Dress appropriately for all weather conditions. Basic fitness required. Walking shoes are recommended.
This is a COVID-Safe event.


From AU$35.00

Plus booking fee.

Access to the Tahune Adventures will be restricted purely for the enjoyment of the Dark Cave | Sky Light performance.

This is a COVID-Safe event.

Event Dates

Once Only Event

6 Mar 2021 to 7 Mar 2021