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Beautiful Dahlias

Launceston Horticultural Society Seasonal Flower Show – Sep 2024

Exhibition and Shows

31 Aug 2024 to 1 Sep 2024

Distance from: 0.2 kms | Price from: $5.00

The Launceston Horticultural Society, established in 1838, is Australia’s longest continual horticultural society. The Society holds horticultural shows in February,...

A tall imposing building shadowed by bare winter trees, beautiful long pillars frame the front of th

Brave Clarendon’s Haunted Halls

Festivals and Celebrations

1 Jun 2024

Distance from: 7.4 kms | Price from: $30.00

Strange things happen after the winter sun sets. Unearth the secrets of Clarendon Estate under the veil of night and...

A smiling chef rolls pasta in a commercial kitchen at Josef Chromy Restaurant

Tasmania x Milano, a Festa event

Food and Wine

7 Jun 2024

Distance from: 8.1 kms | Price from: Not Available

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a chef who has their hands on some incredible produce. It could be...

A plate of 3 Tasmanian truffles sits on a wine barrel with a bottle of Josef Chromy Wine

Festa Tartufo

Food and Wine

2 Aug 2024

Distance from: 8.1 kms | Price from: Not Available

The depths of Tasmania's winter are responsible for all kinds of wonders; snow,  the invigorating kiss of cold breezes on...

Evandale Market

Evandale Country Market


21 Apr 2024 to 30 Nov 2025

Distance from: 6.3 kms | Price from: Free

Evandale Market is one of Tasmania's most loved country markets with over 100 stalls including a wide range of wares...