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Port Esperance Bay, Dover

Flow – Huonville

Exhibition and Shows

30 Aug 2022 to 28 Sep 2022

Distance from: 0.1 kms | Price from: Free

'Waterways hold deep symbolic meanings, ranging from the flow of life, fertility, the passage of time. In some cultures they...

Photo of crowd watching a band playing on the stage

Wine Machine, Huon Valley

Festivals and Celebrations

14 Jan 2023

Distance from: 3.3 kms | Price from: $79.00

Introducing your Glass of 2022:Flight Facilities (DJ set)Lime CordialeCut CopySan CiscoClient Liaison (DJ set)Stace Cadet (DJ set)Mell HallHappiness Is WealthJimi...

Stocking up with local produce at Willie Smith

Willie Smith’s Artisan and Produce Market


13 Aug 2022 to 27 Apr 2024

Distance from: 5.6 kms | Price from: Free

Willie Smith's Artisan and Produce Market occurs each Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Willie Smith's Apple...

Franklin Market

Franklin Market


24 Jul 2022 to 28 Aug 2022

Distance from: 7.2 kms | Price from: Not Available

Held at the historic Franklin Palais in the picturesque Huon Valley you will find The Franklin Community Market held on...