The small township of Geeveston is at the southern end of the beautiful Huon Valley and is the gateway to the Arve River forests and Hartz Mountains National Park. Apple orchards grow in the lush green valleys nearby and during autumn, you can buy buckets of Pink Lady, Crofton, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji apples from roadside stalls.
Surrounded by the dense forests of southern Tasmania, the town is the administrative centre for the region’s timber industries and once the focal point of dissent in Tasmania’s forestry wars. The town’s forestry heritage is evident in the woodcarvings of local historical figures found around the town, with accompanying stories telling of their exploits.
Many artisans and crafters have made Geeveston home and there’s a surprising number of cafes, bakeries and roadhouses for the size of the town. There are several casual eateries and on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy some of the best sushi in Australia, made by master sushi-chef Masaaki Koyama using the freshest local produce.
Out of Geeveston is the nearby Tahune Air Walk, a walkway suspended in the canopy of the trees above the beautiful Picton River with stunning panoramic views.
Other activities nearby are the Hasting Caves and Thermal Springs, and the Ida Bay Railway.
Geeveston is a 1-hr drive (60 km) south of Hobart.