Roseberry is a small zinc and gold mining town in Tasmania’s West. The zinc mine dominates the small townscape, yet the surrounding rainforest and hills give Rosebery an unexpected visual appeal.
Rosebery’s Hercules mine has produced more wealth than any other mine on the West Coast yielding copper, gold, lead, zinc and silver with an estimated value of $8 billion.
Nearby is Montezuma Falls, Tasmania’s highest waterfall (113 metres). The start of the track to the falls is just a 10-min drive from town. The easy, 3-hr return walk follows an old tram route or alternatively, you can travel in comfort on a four-wheel-drive tour.
Also of interest is the Hercules to Rosebery Aerial Ore Bucket Ropeway. This elaborate aerial ore ropeway was constructed to move ore from the Hercules mine to Rosebery and continued to operate until 1986. It has since collapsed, however you can still see the remnants of this highly unusual method of ore transportation south of the town.
Nearby to Rosebery, you’ll find good walking on Mount Read. The route starts from a Telecom road about 1 km south of the town and offers excellent views over Rosebery; on a clear day it’s possible to see as far as Macquarie Harbour in the south.
Roseberry is a 4-hr drive (314 km) from Hobart and a 2 hr 50-min drive (201 km) from Launceston.