Doo Town

Place Of Interest

Doo Town is a holiday village on the Tasman Peninsula, near Port Arthur, where the locals name their cottages – or shacks as they are known in Tasmania – with Doo names. The first was Doo Little. Others now include Thistledoo, Gunnadoo, Doodle Doo and Love Me Doo.
Doo Town’s picture perfect location at the southern end of Pirates Bay on the Tasman Peninsula has attracted new residents in recent years – all committed to maintaining the Doo Town tradition. The town makes for a quirky photo opportunity.
There are some incredible natural rock formations along the nearby coastline, including the Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and the Blowhole, and excellent bushwalking opportunities.
Doo Town is a 1 hr 5-min drive (75 km) from Hobart.