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Alpine Helicopter Charter specialises in providing a variety of high quality helicopter scenic tours and charter services in and around Victoria’s High Country and Alpine region.

Based at Mansfield in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, the scenery is stunning from the moment you take-off. Their tours are personal, informative and relaxing yet adventurous as you experience helicopter flight within this magnificent landscape.

Enjoy the thrill of a remote landing at a picturesque location. There is time for a leisurely walk and photos followed by a bottle of quality local wine with cheese and crackers. In the cooler months you may prefer a hot chocolate or cappuccino with muffins which are included in their tours.

They can customise a flight to suit your requirements, which may be anything from enhancing your recreational activities, saving you time or they can arrange a lunch in a great location.

Your helicopter is a Robinson R44 renowned for its safety, excellent performance and smooth flight. It has comfortable seating for three adult passengers plus your pilot. Each passenger has a window seat with exceptional visibility. High quality headsets are worn by all for easy communication and to hear your pilots commentary.



Lake Eildon is Victoria’s largest inland lake. Fed by the many High Country rivers, it has a capacity over 3.3 million mega litres. It is six times the size of Sydney Harbour and has a capacity shoreline of over 500 kilometres. Lake Eildon is popular for trout fishing, water skiing and house boating. Development of this water resource began in 1915, and in 1955 further developments provided for greater irrigation capacity. It’s also used to help manage potential flood waters and for Hydro power generation.

Enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Eildon with its secluded finger bays. During the Lake Eildon Explorer tour you will fly over Gough’s Bay and along the Goulburn River Arm to the Eildon Dam Wall, hydro power station, spillway and pondage area beside the township of Eildon. On your return they land up high to enjoy refreshments and the views. Return over the Mansfield township.

This tour is approximately one hour and 25 minutes.

Disabled Access

Carpark Family Friendly


Follow the Delatite River to its origin between Mt Buller and Mt Stirling. Land at Craig’s Hut for refreshments and photos. Fly across the King River valley to Mt Cobbler and marvel at Victoria’s highest waterfall, the Dandongadale Falls, as they cascade 255 metres down from Lake Cobbler.

Fly over the Wabonga Plateau with its expanse of snowgum forest before descending to Bindaree Falls. Follow the Howqua River to Sheepyard Flat and and land beside the river for lunch. Back onboard you follow the Howqua downstream through remote parts of the river as we return to Mansfield.

Tour takes three hours plus.

Disabled Access


Depart from Mansfield and fly up the Delatite Valley and climb up and over the Mount Buller Alpine Village. Enjoy aerial views across this world class ski resort before returning to Mansfield.

Flight duration is approximately 25 minutes.

During July, August and September special offers are available on flights departing from Mount Buller from $95 per person.

Visit the Mount Buller website for further details.

Disabled Access


Take in some of Victoria’s highest mountain peaks. Many are surrounded by the Alpine National Park, which is part of the Great Dividing Range stretching along the eastern edge of the Australian continent. Climb over the Mount Buller Ski Resort and Mount Stirling before landing at Craig’s Hut for refreshments.

Fly to the magnificent Dandongadale Falls, Cobbler Plateau and Mt Buggery. See close up the ancient and rugged formations of “The Crosscut Saw”. Fly over Mount Howitt at 1742 metres above sea level to the shear cliffs of Mount Magdala and “The Bluff”. Descend into the Howqua River valley and land beside the river for lunch. Return via Timbertop Saddle to Mansfield.

This tour takes three hours plus.

Disabled Access


Fly off on an adventure with Alpine Helicopter Charter and land up high with views over the Mansfield Valley and Lake Eildon. Enjoy refreshments and return over the top of the Mansfield Township.

Tour duration is approximately one hour. Visit their website to see the full range of scenic tours available including flights to Craig’s Hut.

Disabled Access


Fly over the Merrijig area towards Mt Timbertop. Descend into the Howqua River valley which was once a major trade route for the indigenous Taungurung people and a source of Greenstone. This stone is prized for its hardness and used in the making of tools and weapons that has been discovered as far away as Adelaide.

In the 1840’s European settlement began and by the 1860’s gold had been discovered and the remnants of the goldrush can still be seen today. They fly over the popular camping destination of Sheepyard Flat. See the historic Fry’s Hut and land beside the Howqua River for refreshments with time to enjoy the crystal clear waters. Back onboard the tour follows the Howqua downstream through the remote sections of this river into more open country as they return to Mansfield.

This tour takes approximately one hour and 40 minutes.

Disabled Access


Follow the Blue Range Escarpment then descend to the shores of Lake Eildon and the townships of Gough’s Bay and Mountain Bay nestled on the lakes edge. Fly over the Delatite valley and land up high enjoying the views and refreshments. Return over the Mansfield township.

This tour is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

Disabled Access


Visit the famous Craig’s Hut as featured in The Man from Snowy River movie. This film was based on the legendary Banjo Paterson poem telling the story of a mountain lad who rides out with experienced stockmen in pursuit of a prized colt that had joined the brumbies. Because of his size and that of his pony he is ridiculed, but when the wild bush horses escape to the rugged ranges he and his pony grow in stature.

Follow the Delatite River valley as you climb into Victoria’s High Country. During the Craig’s Hut Explorer tour Mt Cobbler reveal itself as it dominates the horizon, see if you can spot the Indian’s head. Get a bird’s-eye view of Razorback Hut – an original mustering hut used by the mountain cattlemen. You land at the famous Craig’s Hut and take time to explore, enjoy refreshments and be photographed with this icon of the High Country. On the final leg you fly over the Mt Buller Alpine Resort and Mt Timbertop.

This tour is approximately two hours.

Disabled Access



The story of Ned Kelly and his gang is one of the most remarkable episodes in Australia’s history. He was a hero to some and common criminal to others. A bushranger who would hold up the whole town and not just the banks. In 1878 the ‘Kelly Gang’ surprised the police at their camp by Stringybark Creek and in the ensuing gun battle three policemen were shot dead. Ned was outlawed and hence anyone was allowed to shoot him on sight.

During the Bushranger Tour you will fly over the headwaters of the Broken River to the settlement of Tolmie, nestled amongst the ranges, and land by Stringybark Creek where the siege took place. On your walk through this native bushland it’s easy to imagine the sounds of gunshot and the echoes through the ranges all those years ago.

Enjoy refreshments before returning over the Broken River valley to the township of Mansfield. Get a bird’s-eye view of the monument that pays tribute to the three policemen that the Kelly Gang shot, the Courthouse that proclaimed them outlaws, and the Mansfield Cemetery where the three policemen are laid to rest.

This tour is approximately one hour and 45 minutes.

Disabled Access


On this flight Alpine Helicopter Charter showcases the heritage of the Mountain Cattlemen, their families and those seeking gold in the High County. They show you a bird’s-eye view of Razorback Hut. The first landing is at Craig’s Hut with refreshments for all.

Then you fly across the upper reaches of the Howqua River valley and along rugged escarpments. Take in Lovick’s Hut, Square Head Jinny and Bluff Hut as built and used by mountain cattlemen while mustering their cattle herds that grazed the alpine pasture. They fly along ‘The Bluff’ as it salutes much of this ancient land.

Then you descend to follow the Howqua River to Howqua Hills which was once a thriving gold mining area boosting a hotel, butcher, blacksmith and post office. The rush was short lived and ceased by 1905. The tour lands beside the Howqua River for lunch. The return trip is via Timbertop Saddle then on to Mansfield.

This tour is approximately two hours and 45 minutes.

Disabled Access

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