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Australian Geographic Travel designs touring itineraries in Victoria that focus on wildlife and active conservation as well as cultural experiences. Victorian experiences are rich in nature and adventure and specialise in hard-to-reach places and small group experiences. You’ll join similarly inclined souls who share your taste for exploration and a burning desire to learn more about our phenomenal natural world.

Australian Geographic Travel offers professionally guided, small group itineraries varying in length. Each trip is unique and authentic for anyone who is interested in exploring the fauna and flora, the history and culture of Victoria. All trips have been curated with an emphasis on discovering hidden gems off the beaten track, and offering sustainable travel experiences that would be very hard to find anywhere else.

Australian Geographic’ adventurers, scientists, historians and photographers have brought the world to you for more than 36 years. Now they invite you to join them in visiting the country’s most intriguing places and sharing their passion.

Australian Geographic Travel is committed to sustaining the environment, culture and heritage of each place visited. In doing so, Striving to our precious environment, from addressing climate change and its far-reaching impacts to promoting awareness of the world’s oldest living culture and revealing to you the countless treasures it cradles.


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Mallee and Outback Birds of Victoria and Mungo is eight-day birding journey to reveal the marvelous birdlife of arid central and north-western Victoria and Lake Mungo.

Crossing the Great Dividing Range and travel deeper into the Outback in search of the birds and other wildlife that thrive in diverse habitats in the arid zones. We explore ancient granite outcrops, vast open plains, Ramsar-listed ephemeral wetlands, outback rivers, salt lakes, Mallee woodlands, saltbush scrublands, undulating red dunes, ancient lakes of the Willandra World Heritage Area, the Lake Mungo Lunette (Walls of China). Taking our time we look for numerous desert parrots and cockatoos, waterbirds, a host of honeyeaters, more obvious inland birds as well as some of the more elusive and conservation-dependent Mallee birds, like Malleefowl and Mallee emu-wren. While we will be focussing on birds we also take time to observe mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, flora, landscapes and the rich heritage of the Willandra Lakes area.

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Help the wildlife. Find koalas in magnificent stands of giant eucalypt forest, walk in rainforest listening for lyrebirds, watch sea-eagles soar along untouched ocean beaches and spot huge goanna lizards beside secluded rivers and waterways.

East Gippsland is famous for its forest wildlife, particularly big mammals, birds and reptiles. It is a fabulous place for parrots and cockatoos – they are numerous, visible and noisy.

Your highly experienced wildlife guide will also show you where to look for wild wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas, parrots, cockatoos, black swans and many other animals.

Help to conserve the beautiful places and wildlife you see. Spend a little time on a glorious beach removing fishing nets that trap fish, birds and sea mammals. Along the coast and estuaries see Australian fur seals, white-bellied sea-eagles, pelicans, gannets, cormorants, oystercatchers and even a bottlenose dolphin.

Share this remote area with your experienced wildlife guide and each night return to the comforts of owner-operated lodge-style accommodation.

At the end of the journey all participants will receive a certificate of thanks for helping wildlife, and the satisfaction of knowing they have given something back to the environments and animals visited.

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This two-day birding tour combines some of the best coastal wetland birding in Australia with fantastic dry woodland birding. During spring and summer you can expect to record over 100 bird species and also koala, kangaroo and wallaby. Along with recording the birds, mammals and reptiles you may see you will also have a unique opportunity to participate in a koala research and conservation project. On this trip, you will enjoy plenty of time for photography and observing behaviour where birding is not rushed. Your experienced bird guide will assist with identification and carry a spotting scope for easier viewing of waders and waterfowl.

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This special trip to Raymond Island allows you to become involved and provide assistance in a region that suffered horrendous wildlife losses as a result of the 2019–20 bushfires. These fires destroyed nearly two million hectares of forest in the far southeastern corner of Australia and killed untold millions of wild animals.

Raymond Island itself was not burnt and has now become a significant island ark for many species of plants and animals including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and many bird species. Echidna Walkabout and their not-for-profit Koala Clancy Foundation, have teamed up with the local Landcare group and concerned residents to set up a wild koala research project on the island. Data they collect will be collated by the new koala conservation group on the island – including tree species preference, behaviour, identification of individuals and evidence of koalas drinking stemflow (water moving down the stem). They take walks through the forest spotting koalas in the wild. They may also see echidnas, swamp wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos and many colourful parrots, honeyeaters and seabirds, which you can help record for conservation purposes.

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Come and join in for one of the best outback wildlife experiences in Australia. Discover the animals and history of the Australian outback at Lake Mungo in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. Track majestic wildlife and travel expansive red sand plains sprinkled with kangaroos, emus, and pink cockatoos (aka Major Mitchell’s). Your private nature tour is conducted by an experienced wildlife guide who reveals Mungo’s arid land, wildlife and ancient Aboriginal heritage.

Walk in the shade of desert pines searching for brilliant parrots and sleepy lizards. Climb mighty sand dunes for expansive views over the desert.

Experience the peace of the Australian outback while staying in 4-star accommodation at remote Mungo Lodge beside Lake Mungo.

On this trip You will be helping nature while you enjoy it. This is Conservation Travel. The primary purpose of this trip is to monitor and learn about the impacts of climate change on wildlife and vegetation. By travelling into areas such as Mungo and Hattah-Kulkyne we can monitor change and, as citizen scientists, we can tell the world what we’ve seen and hopefully bring about change.

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