Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

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Located between Beechworth and the low hills surrounding Chiltern, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park includes the striking Mt Pilot Range and Woolshed Falls, protecting the box-ironbark forest that once covered much of north-east Victoria.

Short or day-long walks can be made on vehicle tracks through open forest and a 25 kilometre historic drive is marked from Chiltern through the forest and goldfields.

Drive through the forest to Donkey Hill Lookout then on to the original Indigo goldfields cemetery. Visit the open-cut Magenta Mine which produced up to 13,000 ounces of gold between 1860 and about 1910.

Enjoy easy walking as you follow the numbered pamphlet describing natural and historical features of the park along the 8.5 kilometre White Box Walking Track. Cycle on forest tracks at Donkey Hill in the west, Frogs Hollow and Magenta Mine and at Cyanide Dam.

Take the self-guided Woolshed Falls Historic Walk, or walk to the summit of Mt Pilot and enjoy the spectacular view. Visit the Yeddonba Aboriginal art site.

Discover some of over 200 bird species found in the park. Stroll, drive or cycle through the park in spring to view the wildflower wonderland.

Visit the Parks Victoria website for further information.


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