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Storytowns is a travel podcast and geo-mapping platform that takes you on a journey through Australia’s regional and rural towns. The podcasts are presented in ‘tours’ and ‘trails’ that are categorised to an individual region. Routes include “The Silo Art Podcast Tour”, “The Timboon Podcast Foodie Trail” or “The Warrnambool Street Art Podcast Tour”.

When users tune into the tours, they will hear the remarkable stories told straight from the hearts and minds of lovable locals. It is like having a free tour guide in your pocket.

Storytowns teaches listeners about the history and culture of every town, while also revealing its best-hidden secrets. Hear about food, music, fresh produce, cafes, restaurants, galleries, street art, and much, much more.

The tours can also be played from the comfort of home for whenever there is an inability to travel. Transform your living room into a dreamy, wanderlust oasis as you discover everything that must be added to your bucket list immediately.

The tours are family-friendly and suitable for people of all ages. The fun can be enjoyed all year round for a group of friends, couples or even by yourself.

Search for “Storytowns” on the app store or google play.


Consider yourself a bit of a foodie? At Storytowns Podcast Tours, they’ve handpicked the best artisan foodie places around this valley. Eat and drink your way via the “Timboon Foodie Podcast Trail” and through the top gourmet picks of the region. Your mission includes tasting delectable cheese varieties and artisan ice-cream. All the produce is fresh and developed entirely locally.

After copious consumption of cheese, the tour takes you sightseeing at fabulous tourist attractions nearby. You will be led towards the famous Twelve Apostles and the gorgeous coastal town, Port Campbell. It provides a perfect, refreshing combination of farmland meeting the sea. One destination is Cheese World – a historical complex which includes a factory that was first established in 1888. The museum also has a cafeteria and fresh produce shop to cover all your needs at the end of your journey. Download “Storytowns” app and for
more experiences, check out ‘The Picnic Trail’ nearby.

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Discover West Gippsland’s beautiful rural scenery and natural environment with Storytowns new audio tour featuring authentic stories told straight from the heart by celebrated local characters.

Uncover the story behind Baw Baw’s historic town Walhalla – famous for its cemeteries and fascinating stories behind their cursed graves. “Oh, let my sudden doom be a warning. Be to all air whilst their bend, all my tomb, there may as quickly fall.”

Strap yourself in for an incredible story about the Trafalgar classic cars museum, famed for being one of the largest Holden museums in the world! Immerse yourself in the rich history of Noojee and find out why it’s known for being ‘prehistoric.’

You can also get some inside tips on the best places to stop, explore and learn why so many people are drawn here to see the Bower Bird sculpture and get a selfie with the mosaic dog.

Travellers can also check out the Audio Signposts on the drive between towns to uncover further hidden tales from the region.

To listen to the audio tour download Storytowns for free from the app store or Google play.

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Storytowns presents “The Henty Wine Tour”, a boutique adventure that showcases the wonderful world of wine that you can discover in rural Victoria, particularly the Henty wine region.

You will be introduced to the passionate owners and unearth their unique stories in pre-recorded podcasts. You’ll hear about where their love for grape-growing began, and how they are evolving and also tackling sustainability.
Press play and drive towards the wineries, exploring the countryside and the picturesque landscapes against the backdrop of the rugged Grampians.

The tour includes seven different wineries, all complete with an exclusive one-on-one interview. You’ll be driving through the larger centres of Hamilton and Dunkeld, and quaint but very special smaller towns such as Killarney, Macarthur and Tarrington.

Play the podcast in real-time for the ultimate wine tour experience. Enhance your wine knowledge, experience the taste and fall in love with new flavours. Suitable for all beginner and expert wine lovers. It is recommended you have a designated driver for this tour.

Just a note: It is best to phone ahead before you visit each winery, to confirm opening times.

For more experiences, check out the ‘Glenelg Foodie Trek’ nearby.

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Storytowns has made a podcast picnic trail with a tasty and delicious array of food and drinks to gather from local businesses for the ultimate picnic adventure.

Starting in Koroit, the route is called “The Picnic Trail” and takes you to Port Fairy, Portland and Cape Bridgewater.
Say hello to Noodledoof, a craft brewery that opened in 2019, and choose from a variety of beers and spirits. Next, grab all the treats, such as artisan chocolate, ice-cream, cheese and freshly baked bread. The selected produce is from renowned food businesses in the region, such as Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella.

Taste-test, meet the owners, explore their products and support small business through buying local and listening to our podcasts. Your items will be used to create your very own relaxing picnic at the final destination. The hardest part will be waiting until the end to devour everything. We have chosen a breathtaking coastal town to finish, so pack your rug and soak up the scenery.

Jarrod, the host will lead you along this journey through podcast interviews you can play as you travel along to each stop. This is the perfect activity for a Sunday drive.

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Storytowns transports you to a rural country town called Lismore for a unique tour that’s full of surprises. The town is filled with unique features such as a mountain, once a volcano, that’s shaped like an elephant. It is a rich volcanic area filled with lakes and plains, it’s a geologists dream.

Slow down and soak up the peaceful atmosphere while the locals teach you the ropes through pre-recorded podcasts. Meet colourful characters, legendary locals and down to earth farmers.

One of the town’s key attractions is the artwork installation on the water tower. Painted by renowned artist Jimmi Buscombe, the colourful design is vibrant and amazing to see in the flesh.

If you are up for an adventure, Lismore offers an interesting walking trail, hiking, fishing or for golfies there is a neat golf course with a lake in the middle.

Lismore even boasts a local craftsman who creates cricket bats from scratch using the wood from the willow trees he grows.

If you are ever driving through, don’t just keep on driving. Stop, relax and enjoy this surprising little town and fascinating area around it. You will be amazed to hear and see what Lismore has to offer.

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Storytowns loves food and know where to find the most impressive produce. Now the producers are sharing their secrets with you on a delightful trail made for food-lovers. Follow “The Glenelg Foodie Trek” and eat your way through an extraordinary section of the Western District region.

Drive between Hamilton to Casterton and hear the stories, this area is famous for its rich agriculture scene, so be prepared for mouth-watering treats and snacks.

Despite small populations, the towns have emerged with creative enterprises. Discover places such as Coleraine, where you can visit the award-winning Glenelg Fine Confectionary and Catching Pen Café. We guarantee you will curb your craving for chocolate and homemade pies.

The podcast trail continues and directs you to more heavenly handmade baked goods and a superb vineyard. Finally, you’ll finish in Casterton – ‘the birthplace of Australia’s kelpie dog’.

Play the podcasts as you drive and engage with new places through a myriad of passionate and inspiring stories told by the locals.

For more trails, check out ‘The Grampians Way’ tour which is close-by.

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Storytowns brings you a showcase of art in the compelling “Warrnambool Street Art Podcast Tour”. Get on your walking shoes and headphones, this art tour is not your typical gallery experience. You will venture through streets, stand before sculptures, walk through a maze and even wind up in Warrnambool’s most famous restaurant. Every location has one thing in common: amazing creativity.

Warrnambool has a phenomenal art scene. Everywhere you look, walls of buildings and tiny laneways have been transformed with art. This tour takes you to the top locations for an electrifying art experience. Paired with podcasts, the tour allows you to look at the artwork through the lens of the artists. The exclusive interviews provide new perspectives for the listeners as they view the pieces in real time. Be immersed in the captivating narratives and stories before every creation.

This is an inspiring tour that captures your mind and imagination. Featuring artists include Matt Adnate, Jimmi Buscombe, David Higgins and more.

If you love art and would like to participate in another tour, check out “The Silo Art Podcast Tour” for another unique experience.

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Storytowns have launched a revolutionary “Silo Art Podcast Tour” to showcase the silo art that can be found in the Wimmera Mallee. Through a series of podcasts, you’ll hear the stories shared straight from the artists, subjects, historians and residents. Your hosts will also find the local hidden gems and places you would have normally missed! Listen through the tour as you drive through towns including Rupanyup, Patchewollock, Brim, Sea Lake, Lascelles, Woomelang, Rosebery and the tiny Nullawil.

You’ll able to view the art and learn about it in real-time with this incredibly immersive and cutting-edge experience. Be left in awe of the grand scale paintings and fall in love with the character of the town and locals alike.
The tour will provide engaging insights about the meanings of the magical and often monumental designs. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn more about the secrets of the art that only a few people know. The hardest part will be leaving each work and going to the next stop, Bring your children, siblings, parents, friends, grandparents and cousins – everyone will love this fun family adventure.

For another artistic experience nearby, have a look at the “Warrnambool Street Art Podcast Tour”.

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Storytowns have partnered with the Moyne Shire Council to create the ‘The Country to Coast Trail’, a podcast tour designed for travellers to connect with creative communities, absorb local knowledge, uncover hidden histories and explore the famous country pub scene.

The audio tour takes listeners on a journey through thirteen charming towns in the Moyne Shire, at the western end of the Great Ocean Road. This slice of Australia is a holidaymaker’s paradise as it has the dynamic coast to country charm, with stunning beaches, grassy plains and quaint streets to explore.

The towns featured on the tour are Port Fairy, Mortlake, Koroit, Peterborough, Macarthur, Woolsthorpe, Yambuk, Kirkstall, Hawkesdale, Caramut, Allansford, Panmure and Killarney. These towns are renowned for having rich agricultural roots, cultural heritage, artisan delights, hearty country pubs and diverse visitor experience. There are hidden histories to absorb and creative communities to connect with.

The busiest tourist destination, Port Fairy, attracts travellers from far and wide during the hot summer months for a relaxing coastal retreat. The podcast however highlights that outside of this well known town there is more to discover along the coast and inland, even in tiny villages of just a couple hundred people.

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The Rock Your Senses in Strathbogie Shire podcasts give unique insight into our incredible tourism-based offerings, from great food and wine to picturesque tracks and trails.

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Storytowns is taking you on a journey through the famous Grampians region. Beyond the breathtaking mountains, they reveal exclusive stories and unearth the hidden secrets that only locals know via our Grampians Podcast Tour.

Discover where Aussie Rules Football began in the little town of Moyston. Sightsee as you head to the iconic ‘Big Koala’ in Dadswell bridge – a quirky town that astoundingly has a nostalgic ‘Australiana’ mini-theme park. Make sure you pick up a delicious and famous vanilla slice from Peter at the Willaura Bakery, or one of his tasty pies or pasties, and dine in for an exquisite lunch at the iconic Bunyip Hotel at Cavendish prepared by distinguished chef James Campbell.

The tour will draw you through rolling pastures with the stunning backdrop of the rugged Grampians. Marvel at the amazing Mirranatwa Gap and stunning Victoria Valley. Storytowns helps you to dig a bit deeper and get off the beaten track a little for a truly memorable and magical experience. If you think the Grampians are already special, you’ll fall in love even more driving through the less known locations.

For another adventure, look up “The Lismore Podcast Tour” and more, bought to you by Storytowns.

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