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Discover nature on a small group, guided nature tour or walking ecotour with Gippsland High Country Tours. Escape from the pressures of everyday life and experience the serenity of Gippsland and the beyond on a fully packaged tour with cosy accommodation every night.

Gaze over a sea of mountains, breathe in the clear mountain air and touch the smooth trunks of snow-gums. Experience deserted beaches or ancient forests. Listen to bird calls as you wander along fern-lined tracks beneath towering trees or across alpine plains with wildflowers at your feet.

Join a small friendly group of like-minded nature lovers led by experienced local guides, keen to share their love and knowledge of nature with you.

Take your time, appreciate the beauty and listen as your guide explains the interaction of plants and animals. Wildlife sightings are common and leisurely pace allows time for bird watching. Choose short or long walks with magnificent scenery and rich history.

Your guides know that you need a balance of activity and relaxation, so as well as structured activities and walking we allow time to relax and enjoy nature and the unique environments you visit.

Experience solitude, peace and tranquillity and return home truly refreshed.


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Relax and enjoy great walks and wildlife with Gippsland High Country Tours along Victoria’s far east coast during spring, the peak time for wildflowers.

Wildlife encounters are always part of the experience and whether you are a bird watcher or not, imagine the thrill of a majestic Sea Eagle gliding over your head and out to sea.

If you are curious about nature, your guide will share with you a wealth of information about the environment, plants, animals and natural features.

Choose from two different tours, one with a walking focus has moderate grade walks every day for those who like to stretch their legs exploring Croajingolong. The other is a slower more relaxed pace eco-tour with time for bird watching in a variety of habitats plus short wildflower walks.

Imagine three nights in historic lighthouse keeper’s cottages at Point Hicks Lighthouse boasting superb ocean views and a fascinating history. The next three nights are in guesthouse accommodation at Gipsy Point near Mallacoota with Wingan Inlet on the way.

Enjoy the delights of nature and at the end of each day, good conversation, delightful accommodation and a meal that appears before you like magic, now that is a relaxing holiday.



When you think about spending time out in nature most will think first about what you will be seeing.

Gippsland High Country Tours would like to introduce you to the art of listening to the sounds of nature and help you both sharpen your listening skills and learn more about what nature sounds tell you about various landscapes and what lives in them.

Andrew Skeoch from Listening Earth will be bringing his enthusiasm for sound to join forces with Jenny on this very special tour.

Discover the richness of the bird’s dawn chorus and sounds of the bush during the day in a variety of habitats. Hopefully you will hear nocturnal wildlife and owls as well as tiny sounds that many people rarely notice.

Explore bushland around the cottage accommodation and in Mitchell River National Park on easy-moderate walks. Andrew will have some formal presentations and you will be introduced to the equipment used for nature sound recordings This promises to be a wonderful journey of discovery and places are very limited on each departure.



Relax, breathe in the clear mountain air and enjoy lots of short guided nature walks with Alpine wildflowers at your feet. Discover Victoria’s magnificent Alpine National Park with Gippsland High Country Tours, on this lodge based ecotour at the height of the summer wildflower season.

With a local guide to share their love and knowledge of the alps, you will learn about unique alpine wildlife and how they survive in an often harsh environment. The alps is a very sensitive habitat and animals and plants are often very dependent on each other.

Enjoy expansive views of mountain ranges extending further than the eye can see and close up, touch the smooth bark of gnarled snow gums. The mountains also boast a rich history and your guide is keen to share with you stories of both the early indigenous peoples as well as the explorers and early European settlers.

This eco-tour includes four nights motel and lodge accommodation and meals appear like magic, so you can relax in comfort at the end of each day. With fresh air, lots of easy walking and the company of a small group of like-minded nature lovers, this makes a perfect summer holiday break.



Errinundra National Park, where you will feel dwarfed by immense trees of the old-growth eucalypt forests.

Amble along leafy tracks and take in the beauty of these magical forests. Enjoy an easy boardwalk through ancient cool-temperate rainforest where light filters through the canopy onto ferns and moss festooned logs.

High on the Errinundra Plateau, the treetops are often shrouded in mountain mist, creating an atmosphere of its own.

Featuring birds, wildlife and easy walks, this relaxed pace nature tour is fully accommodated with ample time to enjoy the tranquillity of your natural surroundings.

Your guide will help you understand the way plants and animals interact in these different environments. You will not just return home refreshed and relaxed, but with new knowledge and a better understanding of the natural world.



Enjoy breathtaking scenery and a rich history as you explore the Alpine National Park north of Licola. Amongst smooth trunked snowgums discover some of the oldest huts in the Snowy Range and Moroka areas.

Wayne, your guide is passionate about the mountains, high country history and the pioneer skills used in hut making. Long before the hut builders, aboriginal people walked the pathways of these mountains and you will learn of the strong connection they have to their country today. Hear about how and why each hut was built, as well as well as some colourful tales from the local area as only Wayne can tell them.

Enjoy short walks with stunning scenery and take time to enjoy the small details too as Wayne shares his love for local flora and fauna.

This short break holiday includes two nights in basic cottage accommodation at Licola, a tiny town with a fascinating story all of its own. Group size is limited to four participants. Additional tour dates available on demand.



Gippsland High Country Tours take you on a classic lodge accommodated Alpine Walking holiday. Walk on the roof of Victoria with a lovely balance of half and full day walks. The highlight is a challenging long day walk to Victoria’s second highest peak, Mount Feathertop, 1992 metres.

From your lodge accommodation at Dinner Plain Alpine Village, stretch your legs every day on great energetic walks to explore the alpine environment.

Wander across alpine meadows and look out for autumn wildflowers, enjoy the stately snow gums, sculptured by the wind and from lofty peaks, gaze across a sea of mountains. The peace and quiet is often only broken by the cheerful chatter of a Flame Robin.

The superb ridge-top walk along the Razorback to the summit of Mount Feathertop and return is long day walk (22 kilometres), so you do need to be fit.

Walking the Alpine National Park at its best, spectacular scenery, carry only a light day pack and return to overnight ski lodge accommodation at Dinner Plain Village.

Add an expert walking guide, a small group of like-minded walkers and meals that appear before you like magic, to ensure a memorable holiday.



Enjoy a classic lodge based walking holiday exploring part of the Alpine National Park with Gippsland High Country Tours.

You can feel as though you are walking on the roof of Victoria as your guide leads you to explore some ridge-top tracks where folds of mountains extend into the distance. Then follow trails that meander gently through snowgum woodland and across snowgrass plains.

Lie on the grass and watch the clouds, touch smooth trunks of snowgums, enjoy butterflies or colourful beetles on wildflowers or just soak up the crisp mountain air and the peace and quiet.

Led by a local guide you will learn lots of fascinating information about the fragile ecology of the alpine environment plus hear stories of history and wonder what the future brings.

After a full day of walking and exploring, return to a cosy ski lodge at Dinner Plain Alpine Village for a hot shower and time to relax in the lounge. Your meal appears before you like magic and you can re-live the days activities. For small groups – ten participants or less.



Enjoy a week of dedicated birdwatching in a remote mountainous corner of Gippsland with magnificent rugged Snowy River scenery and some very interesting bird species in a range of habits. This is leisurely time observing and enjoying birds, not just rushing to tick names off a list.

What more could a birdwatcher ask for? Perhaps a comfy bed at night? Yes, this trip is fully accommodated and catered too. The days are leisurely, exploring open woodland, farmland interface and riparian vegetation along the Snowy River and its tributaries near McKillops Bridge. Returning to the cottage, the shady verandahs are perfect for watching local bird life going about their daily business without a care to our presence.

Some of the species regularly seen include Diamond Firetail, Brown Tree-creeper, Rufous Whistler, Peaceful Dove, White-winged Chough, Speckled Warbler, Spotted Pardalote, Scarlet Robin and Woodswallows. Interesting summer visitors add to the species list.

A small personalised group (less than five) maximises your birdwatching experiences. Birdwatching knowledge or skill is not essential, although an interest in birds is. Keen novices are most welcome and what a perfect situation to help develop your birdwatching skills, enjoy the beauty of birds and learn more about them.



Birdwatching in the Mallee environment of north west Victoria is very rewarding and brings species of birds more commonly associated with the arid inland of Australia. Proximity to the Murray River also adds waterbirds to the variety of birdlife.

Sand dunes, spinifex and low mallee eucalypts are typical of some areas, but there are also saltbush plains, salt and freshwater lakes and rivers. There will be some interesting history to discover and spring wildflowers to add colour, but as a dedicated birdwatching trip, expect birds to be the focus of activities.

With a cosy bed every night, this fully accommodated tour allows you to enjoy birdwatching in comfort. The days are leisurely as we travel through both Hattah Kulkyne and Murray Sunset National Parks taking advantage of any opportunity for some birdwatching. This will be a small personalised group of only four participants to maximise your birdwatching experiences.

You do not need to be an experienced birder, novice birdwatchers who would like the chance to gain some experience and learn more about birds and birdwatching are enthusiastically welcomed. Your guide, Jenny, is passionate about birds of this region and is keen to share her love of mallee birdlife with you.


Join a small group of nature lovers to explore the remote coastline around Point Hicks in Croajingolong National Park. This short escape is a chance to get away and let the team take care of the detail while you immerse yourself in nature.

Imagine walks along unspoilt sandy beaches, exploring rocks on the headland, discovering what washes up on the beach and wandering along soft leafy tracks through coastal forests. By day listen to quiet birdsong in the forest and by night go to sleep with the sound of waves crashing on the rocks outside your window.

Wildlife experiences are a regular joy, whether it is a wallaby in the forest, lizards basking on rocks or seals playing in the ocean swell. Your guide will share a great love of this coastal environment with you. Return home both refreshed and informed.

Your accommodation is in historic lighthouse keeper’s cottage at Point Hicks. Learn of a rich history as you join a guided lighthouse tour. You can also contribute to the environment, perhaps by picking up some beachwashed plastic rubbish that poses a risk to marine birds and wildlife or helping with some simple wildlife monitoring activities to suit your interests.


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