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H2O Tours & Adventures provides scheduled tours to ‘Explore the Gippsland Lakes’.

Scheduled tours and adventures depart from Progress Jetty in Paynesville and include tours to:

Paynesville Canals, Raymond Island, Ninety Mile Beach, Ocean Grange, Rotamah Island, Sperm Whale Head, Metung Village and Loch Sport.

H2O also offers private charters for corporate events, weddings and engagements, special occasions and celebrations, Christmas parties and birthday parties.

A private charter is all about you. Choose your own itinerary or let the team design a tour for you. Their experienced Skipper and host will provide you with a day to remember.

Their Fast Water Taxi Service is to provide you with transfers to Bunga Arm, also known as ‘the Back Lake’ and all the other destinations listed.

If you have arranged to camp at one of the Parks Victoria campsites and do not have your own boat to access the campsites then you will need one of these Fast Water Taxi Services. Transfers to Bunga Arm (Back Lake) campsites include:- Albatross, Cormorant, Dotterel, Egret, Gannet, Pelican or Shearwater campgrounds.

If you would just like to explore these destinations on your own for a few hours or a whole day and want a fast way to get there and back then this is a perfect option.


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Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours



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Fast Water Taxi Service to Parks Victoria campsites at Bunga Arm (also known as the Back Lake).

When you book this service you are booking the entire boat which accommodates up to 19 passengers and your luggage, provisions and camping gear.

If you have booked a campsite via Parks Victoria website to Bunga Arm (also known as the Back Lake) and you do not have your own boat to access these sites then you will need this Fast Water Taxi service to get you there and back.
These sites include:- Albatross, Cormorant, Dotterel, Egret, Gannet, Pelican & Shearwater campgrounds.

Please note these campsites are remote. You will need to bring everything. Including all your camping equipment and provisions including water and food, for the entire length of your stay. There are no shops at these campsites, the closest shops are in Paynesville which is where you will be leaving from.

There is no power at these campsites.

There are no showers and no running hot or cold water at these campsites, only a few environmental toilets (also known as ‘Drop Toilets/Dunnies’).

It is essential to bring sunscreen and insect repellent all year round.

Mobile service is limited at Bunga Arm.

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As your tour sets off from Progress Jetty in Paynesville you will explore the waterways around this charming village which is surrounded by lakes on three sides with canals and inlets.

As you tour the canals you will see some of Paynesville’s most prestigious and delightful waterfront homes.

At the end of the tour, you will have the option of staying on board or leaving the tour to explore Raymond Island. There is lots to do and see on Raymond Island, it is one of the best places in Victoria to go koala spotting and is also home to over 60 bird species and many species of ground orchids and wildflowers.

Raymond Island also offers ‘Ride the Koalas’ bike tours. Ride the Koalas operates a fleet of two and four seater surrey bikes for hire. For more information and to book your tour visit their website.

At the end of your visit to Raymond Island, you can catch the free Raymond Island Ferry back to Paynesville.

If you do not wish to depart our tour at Raymond Island, stay on board and your tour guide will return you to the Progress Jetty in Paynesville.

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Victoria is lucky enough to have Australia’s largest and most beautiful inland waterways, here in the Gippsland Lakes. These are a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons covering over 600 square kilometres. The Lakes are separated from the ocean by coastal dunes known as Ninety Mile Beach.

On this tour you will head into Lake Victoria to Aurora Channel winding past the coastal park passing the Pelican and Little Tern breeding areas to Steamer Landing.

On route, you may see our resident Burrunan Dolphins, Sea Eagles and abundant birdlife. We will stop at Steamer Landing where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk over the sand dunes to explore the Ninety Mile Beach.

Suggest you bring your own food and drinks for a picnic lunch so you can sit on the beach and take in the amazing views of the ocean.

On the way back to Paynesville we will pass Ocean Grange Homestead and Crescent Island which is a swan breeding area with many native water birds around the waters edge.

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