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High Country Hiking Tours love the Victorian High Country and want to share it with you, which is why they have put together number of hiking tours that cater for different levels of fitness, experience and adventure needs, to provide anyone with an opportunity to hike this magnificent area rich in fresh air, with an inspiring guide, passionate about the High Country.

You do not have to be a hardcore bushwalker to join the hikes and you do not need to purchase expensive hiking equipment. Everything is included except your clothes, boots, personal items and food.

High Country Hiking Tours offer one day and multi day tours to destinations such as Craig’s Hut, Eagle Peaks, Crosscut Saw and many more. Group sizes are small to offer you a more personalised experience.

If you are not afraid to don a backpack and leave the comfort of shops, civilization and your couch behind, join a hike which will take you to some amazing places and show you what the Victorian High Country has to offer.

Breathe in the High Country, exhale the experience.


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Mt Timbertop is located in the Victorian High Country on the way from Mansfield to Mt Buller. Its flat top is unmistakable and easily visible from Mt Buller Road. Mt Timbertop provides tranquillity just a short distance from a major road and unforgettable views.

This track is suitable for anybody who wants to stand on the summit of Mt Timbertop. It is a continuous uphill climb, but it is not a steep ascent. The track is well maintained and the rock scramble at the top is nothing to worry about, it only adds to the adventure. If you walk regularly or keep little bit active, you will manage this hike well and enjoy every moment of it.

After you have been to the top of Mt Timbertop, you will never again have to wonder what it’s like up on the summit when you’re driving past, because you have experienced the stunning views this mountain offers.

Enjoy one day of guided walking along a well defined track. Watch out for wildlife such as wombats, wallabies and parrots. You can also spot small lizards along the way and enjoy colourful array of flowers during the warmer months.

Eagle Peaks are located in the Victorian High Country just out of Howqua Hills Historic Area. It is a peaceful place to walk to away from the busy camping areas of Sheepyard Flat with amazing views of Mt Buller’s Southern slopes and surrounding peaks.

Eagle Peaks is a challenging track with a continues uphill climb on the first day. The first part of the track is very steep, but then it eases off a bit. The second day is up and down short steep sections with bit of rock scrambling.

You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness to complete this hike carrying an overnight backpack. However, completing this track is extremely rewarding. The views and the remoteness of the area are something to be appreciated.

Enjoy two days of guided walking through the Alpine National Park. Watch out for wildlife such as wombats and wallabies and hear the Kookaburras laugh as they follow you up the track.

The number of tours to Eagle Peaks are restricted to two per season with a maximum group of six including the guide. Therefore, it is important to book early to secure a place on one of the Eagle Peaks tours.

Eagle Peaks are located in the Victorian High Country just out of Howqua Hills Historic Area. It is a peaceful place to walk to away from the often busy camping areas of Sheepyard Flat with amazing views of Mt Buller’s Southern slopes and surrounding peaks.

The track to Eagle Peaks offers a variety of easy and challenging sections where the last steep ascent will get your heart racing. But, with only a day pack, anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will be able to complete this track and have lot of fun doing it. You will not rush. You will take the time to enjoy your surroundings and take plenty of photos, so you will regularly get a chance to catch your breath. The views from the higher part of this track are absolutely amazing. You really need to see it to believe it.

Enjoy one day of guided walking through the Alpine National Park. Watch out for wildlife such as wombats and wallabies and hear the Kookaburras laugh as they follow you up the track.

Explore Mt Buller’s West Ridge with its rugged terrain provides sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. This side of Mt Buller is very different to the better known North and South sides with its ski runs and mountain bike trails. This is a remote part of the mountain with very different hiking experience.

The West Ridge is a challenging track and requires a good level of fitness, however you do not need to be an experienced hiker to joins this tour. It is uphill most of the way with some very steep climbs and rocky sections to tackle. These sections definitely add to the adventure and make this hike even more exciting. After completing the West Ridge, you will never look at Mt Buller in the same way.

If you do plenty of walking and keep your fitness at a good level, you will most definitely enjoy taking on the West Ridge.

Mt Stirling and Mt Buller are popular winter holiday destinations for many Victorians, but they are also great to visit any other time of the year.

This three day hike has it all. Number of river crossings over log bridges where you can spot trout jumping out of the water, some steep ascents and descents through beautiful cool forests of the Alpine National Park rewarded by stunning views from Mt Stirling and Mt Buller summits.

The scenery is ever changing with lush ferns edging the Delatite River and tall Alpine Ash forests to twisted Snow Gums and treeless mountain tops. Look out for wildlife such as wallabies, wombats, deer and many beautiful birds.

With a long and challenging first day and the second day not far behind the first, your fitness level will definitely be tested, so you want to make sure that you are well prepared to make the most of this experience.

One night in a tent and one night in a lodge, this hike gives an opportunity to ruff it out first and enjoy a comfy bed and a shower on night two.

Craig’s Hut was a movie set built especially for the film The Man from Snowy River in 1982 and was named after the family that lived there. The hut standing today is the fourth version. Version three burnt down by wild fire on 11 December 2006 and the hut was again rebuilt in 2007.

Two days of guided walking around Mt Stirling with stunning views of Mt Buller and surrounding peaks. Watch the vegetation change from tall Alpine Ash to beautiful Snow Gums and keep an eye out for deer, wallabies and lyre birds, and various parrots like Cockatoos, Rosellas and Galahs. The sunrise and sunset at Craig’s Hut are the perfect opportunity to put your camera to work and capture the beauty of this area.

Not a difficult track, but the steady ascent of Mt Stirling and short, steep sections to and from Craig’s Hut will get your heart rate up. You need to be reasonably fit to enjoy this hike carrying an overnight backpack. But, the experience of arriving at Craig’s Hut under your own steam with your accommodation in the backpack you are carrying is something really special.

The Crosscut Saw is located in the Victorian High Country and stands out amongst other peaks due to its serrated ridge. This track offers steep climbs and rock scrambles, incredible views, river crossings, high country huts and much more.

This hike is an amazing experience. It is tough, challenging, gorgeous, rewarding and it is fun. It is about new experience, new challenges, it is about testing yourself physically and mentally. This track will give you all of that and more. The experience you will take away from this hike will stay with you forever. This is Victorian High Country at its best, with endless views and the most incredible sunrises and sunsets you will ever see.

This is not an easy track and every day has its challenges, but it is rewarding in many ways and you need to experience it yourself to appreciate it. Living out of your backpack for five days, tackling rock scrambles and steep ascents and descents is not an easy task, but anyone who wants this amazing experience can do it.

So, do not hesitate and book today to secure a place. Get fit, get ready and come on a hiking adventure.

Nestled amongst the mountains on the banks of the Howqua River, Ritchie’s Hut is located at Fourteen Mile Creek and was built in late 1947 as a fishing hut. It burnt down in January 2007 in bushfires and was rebuilt in May 2009.

Enjoy two days of guided walking along the Howqua River in the beautiful Victorian High Country where the smell of eucalyptus and earth is so strong, it takes over your senses.

Whether you are a day hiker wanting to try multi day hiking or you have never hiked before, this track is for you. It is an easy undulating walk high up on the banks of the Howqua River. A creek crossing just before you reach the hut is easy to cross stepping on rocks or if you would like to wet your feet, wading through the water. The next day, you will follow the same track back.

This hike does not require a great deal of fitness, as long as you are prepared to carry an overnight backpack, you will have no problem completing this hike with a smile on your face.

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