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Honeysuckles Astronomy Tours is a unique stargazing experience to appeal to everyone, located 2.5 hours east of Melbourne.

Discover a spectacular universe through a large aperture observatory grade telescope from a pristine dark sky site in South-West Gippsland. Groups are small: from one to maximum four people in your group. This provides each observer with lots of observing time at the eyepiece as they explore galaxies, star forming regions, gaseous nebulae, planets and much more. It’s a spectacular night sky up there and this will be your best ticket to get there. The southern skies are the envy of astronomers around the world.

Each tour commences with an overview of the night sky and where we are in it. This provides a little ‘perspective’ and helps you to imagine the sky in 3D, not 2D as you view it when you look up. You are then immersed in the best objects visible as at the time of year.

Tours last approximately two hours. Guests can be local and book for an evening Astro Tour, or passing through and book a Tour and stay the night at beachside accommodation, leaving next morning after a hearty breakfast.


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