Waterfront Art Trail

Landmarks and Buildings

Barcode Fountain – situated along the waterfront near popular bar Edge, this fountain uses stainless steel to showcase a barcode from one of Geelong’s icon products: Noddys soft drink. Especially impressive at night with its blue strip lighting.

Cargo Boxes – while at the Barcode Fountain, you may also see some crates. However these are no regular crates, on a closer inspection you will see that each one contains something different inside. Being shackled feet, fruits or rabbits, the crates symbolise the different vessels that came to Geelong and the different things they brought with them. Created by artists Maggie Fookes and Bill Perrin in 2000, they too light up the night.

Paving Splats – created by the same artists are these unique and interesting stainless steel and cast inlays that depict important and locally made objects. What a way to jazz up the regular and boring old pavement.

North – whether you think they resemble sails or fins you are correct, these seven giant sculptures tower over you at two to three metres high. Made from cast cement panels, no two are positioned on the same frame, making it a fun and interchanging sculpture when moving within and around.


Art & Culture Disabled access available

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