The estimated population of Victoria at September 30 2016 was 6,100,900 people  This represents an increase of 2.1% (127,500 people) since the previous year. Victoria had the greatest population growth of all the Australian states and territories in this period. In 2015, there were 4.53 million people living in Greater Melbourne, accounting for 76% of Victoria’s population.

Between 2010 and 2015, the population of Greater Melbourne increased by 423,600, which was 89% of Victoria’s total growth. At June 2015, the median age of Victoria’s population was 37.3 years, meaning that half the population were younger and half were older than this age.

Females in Victoria continued to have a higher median age (38.3 years) than males (36.3), reflecting their longer life expectancy. The Victorian median age was similar to that of Australia overall (37.4).


Less than 1 per cent of the resident population are indigenous and more that 25 per cent were born overseas. The majority of overseas born residents in Victoria began life in Europe (12.5%) and then followed by Asia. English was the only language spoken at home by 78% of the population. The three most common languages spoken at home other than English in the 2001 Census were: Italian: 3.2%, Greek: 2.7% and Chinese languages: 2.5%