Are you an artist too?

Exhibition and Shows

4 May 2018 to 2 Jun 2018

Are you an artist too? is an exhibition by Geelong based artist Amber Stokie. Referencing her own experience of being a triplet, Stokie draws from a personal and unique collective consciousness to explore notions of shared and singular identity.

Utilising performance, photography, drawing, digital collage and installation, Stokie has developed multiple visual languages that are constantly reshaped and reworked to evoke the complexity of relationship dynamics. Abstract and performative depictions of the artist interacting with her seemingly identical sister, powerfully convey experiences of separation, connectedness and interdependence. These depictions communicate the often fraught journey of identity development, as well as the universal pursuit of individualism.

Exhibition Opening Saturday May 5, 2pm

As part of the exhibition there will be an interactive table where you can complete drawing and writing with both hands to see how skilled you are using your non dominant hand. Recommended for children and families.

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