Propaganda: A selection of posters from the Australian War Memorial

Exhibition and Shows

20 Apr 2018 to 8 Jul 2018

A Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (MPRG) and Australian War Memorial exhibition.

Propaganda presents posters from major 20th century conflicts and gives a remarkable insight into the power of information graphics and the use of advertising and communication strategies in eliciting fear, loathing and calls to action.

This unique exhibition is drawn from the Australian War Memorial’s amazing collection of historical propaganda posters, which is one of the largest in the world.

Three contemporary Australian poster artists, Alison Alder, Mini Graff and Jake Holmes, have been commissioned to make new work in response to the propaganda posters in the Memorial’s collection. These commissions creatively explore and celebrate the Memorial’s poster collection and present fresh perspectives on the unique aesthetic and history of propaganda posters.

Propaganda is co-curated by Danny Lacy, Senior Curator, MPRG and Alex Torrens, Curator of Art, Australian War Memorial. Exclusively presented at MPRG, this project is timed to commemorate the centenary of the first world war 1914-1918.


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