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20 Feb 2022 Once Only Event

Join Mara for a tour and chat about all things as they relate to passive solar design and building with straw.

Mara’s home is a LightEarth build that used formwork around a stud frame to create walls of straw.

You will take a guided tour of our home to see the north-facing greenhouse, double glazed tilt and turn windows, the yoghurt making cupboard, larder with underground cooling vent and surrounding garden designed to create a cool microclimate.

You will visit the wetland, the emerging olive orchard, the beginnings of a native wildflower meadow, berry and fruit orchards, a reed bed water treatment system and ORTO Kitchen-garden.

Renter, owner or owner to be, come and harvest ideas from Mara and share in her learnings. Culminating in refreshments.

Mara looks forward to meeting you.

Event Dates

Once Only Event

20 Feb 2022

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