Hepburn Springs Distillery


Hepburn Distillery is a sustainable, micro-distillery producing handmade gins and vodka from locally grown and foraged produce. Unlike most distilleries, they process and ferment their own base spirit and distil all of their product onsite.

Their business is climate positive, their stills run on renewable energy, they use sustainable packaging, organic and chemical-free produce and their vodka is made from certified organic potatoes grown in the mineral-rich soil of Lyonville. They have a passion for excellence and create small-batch, unique blends from seasonal produce, collaborating with small-scale producers in the region.

In 2021 Hepburn Springs Distillery will be offering a program of tours and events for visitors to Hepburn Shire, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the art of fermenting and distilling high quality, full-flavour spirits. They will also be launching their whiskey club workshops, where participants collaborate in the creation of their own whiskey.


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