Otway Blueberries


Otway Blueberries are farm fresh, pesticide-free blueberries which are picked daily on the six-hectare farm (from December to March). They sell fruit locally in Colac, Apollo Bay, into Geelong and the Surf Coast, and to independent fruit shops in Melbourne. However, especially encourage customers into the pick-your-own and experience the farm first hand.

The farm is located within the beautiful Otway Ranges, less than 30 minutes from the Otway Fly (treetop walk) or an hour from Apollo Bay.

Otway Blueberries invite you to come and discover local farm-fresh fruit. Learn how blueberries grow and how to pick them. Choose your own fresh, pesticide-free blueberries and enjoy a wonderful day out in the Otways. Because blueberries freeze so well, many of the visitors have a happy family day picking a year’s supply of blueberries for freezing. When prices are super affordable, why not Freeze Your Own pesticide-free, fresh, local, Australian blueberries? Particularly those who enjoy blueberry muffins, smoothies, pies, pancakes, jams, sauces, muesli, yoghurt and crumbles.

Peak season is January, but the blueberry plants will be giving beautiful berries until March. Check out the Facebook page for more information and to confirm the weather forecast for the day.


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