Tarago River Cheese Company


Tarago River Cheese Company’s free-range farm and its 400 cows offer clean fresh milk – 99% of the cheese ingredients. Their staff pay careful attention to detail as they embrace traditional cheese-making practices.

Farmhouse cheese making is a time-honoured way of life that has been integrated in a strict sense as they can into modern cheese making, in a world driven by changing expectations. Seasonal Cropping supports milk quality and nurtures the environment. Crop rotations are a critical part of our regeneration and farm upkeep. Their 35 staff make careful choices during the complex processes where nature often has its way.

Hot, cold, wet, dry and wild seasonal variations make the journey of “farmhouse” cheese making an honourable (but often difficult) one. Self-appointed gurus have confused our beautiful tradition. It is their mission to bring to you dining pleasure. Please call them if they fall short.

They trust that you will join with them as you uncover and discover nature’s bountiful cheese harvest. The multiplicity of flavours and textures that micro flora in milk have cultivated over eons, are truly a miracle.


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