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Riverqueen on the Murray

Mildura Cruises


Distance from: 0.6 kms | Price from: Not Available

Mildura Cruises was born out of the love of living by the Mighty Murray River and the experiences that the...

All Seasons Houseboats

All Seasons Houseboats

Boats Houseboats

Distance from: 0.8 kms | Price from: $2400.00

The best way to discover the Murray River is on your own luxury All Seasons Houseboat in Mildura, where the...

Sunrise shot

Mildura Houseboats

Boats Houseboats

Distance from: 1.6 kms | Price from: $245.00

Get hooked on house boating with Mildura Houseboats. The large fleet can provide a romantic escape, a fabulous group adventure...