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Based in Broome, Allure South Sea Pearls creates exquisite pearl and diamond jewellery with nature’s most magnificent treasures. From the pristine coastal waters of Australia, Tahiti and the Philippines, they select only the finest quality pearls for the Allure couture and ready-to-wear jewellery collections.

Every South Sea pearl is unique. Their designs aim to bring out the singular beauty of each pearl and to capture its story and its mystery. Jewellers work with 18-carat gold and diamonds of exceptional quality, for a collection of timeless sophistication and unsurpassed beauty.

A pearl is a precious and highly personal piece of jewellery, often with significant sentimental value. When choosing a pearl, quality should therefore be the first consideration. It is also helpful to understand how pearls are created, and how their characteristics are defined. This brief guide to South Sea pearls has all of the essential information to help you in choosing one of these beautiful gems.

The most striking feature of a pearl, defining its first impression, is usually its size. It’s no accident that the most breathtaking pearls are usually the largest. Allure South Sea pearls range in size from 8mm-18mm.

South Sea pearls come in a wide range of colours, from timeless white and cream to opulent gold and dramatic black. Pearls are shaped by nature and come in a myriad of forms.


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