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Aloha Surfhouse is a vibrant business in the heart of Joondalup offering a world-class, unique lifestyle venue that brings together surf, style, coffee and healthy living – a place that makes people happy.

What more could you want than an ongoing, forever breaking wave that isn’t subject to the weather outside? Aloha Surfhouse offers a unique experience to ride an indoor wave that breaks 365 days a year. With technology that is new to the Australian dirt, this is a must try!

It’s not all surf at Aloha. They’re also home to Western Australia’s first Clip and Climb with over 20 climbing challenges ready for you to attempt as well as 2 amp-it-up experiences. Every climbing wall is equipped with TruBlue Autobelay making it safe and easy to climb free of a buddy. This means everyone can be having fun at the same time. Take up the challenge and test your climbing skills by tackling a climbing wall like you’ve never seen before!

At Aloha Surfhouse they can satisfy all your coffee and food needs in their coffee house all while you watch the surf and have a blast with friends and family!


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