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The foundations of a once active hospital are all that remain at the Merredin Army Hospital Site. Wander over the concrete base and imagine the scene with army medics racing around to help injured soldiers during World War II. The hospital was situated in Gaza Ridge near Tobruck and was relocated here in 1942.

Read about the hospital’s history and the significant role it played in the war, and discover why it was relocated to Merredin. Then take a walk to the Military Museum in the town centre to view various fascinating artefacts and memorabilia. The museum is now home to the hospital relics.

Merredin is the largest regional town in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt and is a three hour drive east of Perth. It is home to many charming historic buildings including the town hall and Cummins Theatre. Enjoy a 75 minute walk along the Merredin Peak Heritage Trail for magnificent views of the countryside.


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Merredin Town Hall, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Town Hall


Merredin Railway Dam, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Railway Dam


Council Office Mosaic, Merredin, Western Australia

Council Office Mosaic


Merredin Railway Museum, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Railway Museum


Merredin Peak Trail, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Peak Trail


CBH Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot, Merredin, Western Australia

Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot


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