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Get on board with an Aussie Cruises adventure and experience what lies off the coast of Perth with a small group or exclusive charter.

From fishing adventures to exploring Rottnest, Carnac or Garden Islands, Aussie Cruises have just the package for you.

Fishing tours operate throughout the year targeting a variety of species. You will be in the expert hands of Captain Kim whose passion and immense wealth of local fishing knowledge will ensure you have the best chance of taking fresh fish home for dinner.

Or perhaps discover beautiful Rottnest Island. Aussie Cruises will drop the anchor in the turquoise and uncrowded bay at Parker Point. Snorkel among colourful coral outcrops and marine life. For the more adventurous, try your hand at paddle boarding or wave-skiing or land at Thompson’s Bay to snap the obligatory Quokka selfie.

Carnac Island is home to a sea lion population and these inquisitive, furry mammals are known to cavort with snorkelers. Get up close and personal and swim with these aquatic clowns. This experience has been often described by guests as one of the most incredible experiences they have ever had.

Aussie Cruises are also one of few boat charter companies that target crayfish in season. Watch or get involved pulling the crayfish pots and taste freshly cooked Western Australian crayfish. It doesn’t get much better.



Aussie Cruises deliver full day fishing trips that cater for the novice and seasoned angler who want to catch big fish. Weather permitting, Aussie Cruises will fish deep water structures where fish are known to congregate.

On a full day fishing trip, Captain Kim will target the larger species, including but not limited to Dhufish, Pink and Queen Snapper, Baldchin Groper, Breaksea Cod, Mulloway and Samson fish.

Aussie Cruises fishing charters have a maximum of six anglers and are individually tailored in regard to the fish that are biting and weather conditions on the day. This personal commitment by Aussie Cruises ensures you get the best experience you can on the day.

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Half day fishing trips are aimed at getting a feed and having fun while doing so.

On the half day fishing trips, Captain Kim targets Whiting, King George Whiting, Snapper, Flathead and Dhufish.

In addition to bringing a few great fish home for the family, the half day fishing trips are a fantastic introduction to fishing for family, children or friends.

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Game Fishing – From December to April, the warmer Leeuwin current brings with it Mackerel, Tuna, Dolphin Fish (Mahi-Mahi) and Marlin. The cooler months have sizable Samson fish, Grey Band Cod and Hapuku, so there is always a chance to nail that prize fish.

Sports Fishing – Lighter lines, plastics and other tactics! The Salmon run can produce hot non-stop action when they are running (around April). While working a soft plastic or jig is an exhilarating way to hook up on almost any fish, why not tie and try a fly!

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Rottnest Island – Where the cold Southern Ocean meets the warm Leeuwin current. Rottnest Island has 20 Species of coral and 135 of the 400 fish species that inhabit the waters are tropical!

Recommend 5 to 6 hours departing Fremantle for their Rottnest Snorkelling Cruise.

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Their Leisure Cruises are four to 10 hour individual cruises tailored for your pleasure.

Aussie Cruises will tailor a cruise package specifically for you, from a leisurely evening Swan River cruise to a full-on adventure cruise that can include landing on Rottnest Island, (Quokka selfie), snorkelling in the pristine marine sanctuary at Parker Point and/or swimming with the Sea Lions at Carnac Island.

Morning tea, snacks, water, soft drinks and use of all water sport equipment is included in the price. Bring-your-own (BYO) alcohol accepted; responsible drinking expected.

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