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Australian Geographic Travel designs touring itineraries that focus on wildlife and active conservation as well as cultural experiences. Their travel experiences are rich in nature and adventure and specialise in hard-to-reach places and small group experiences. You’ll join similarly inclined souls who share your taste for exploration and a burning desire to learn more about our phenomenal natural world.

Australian Geographic Travel offers professionally guided, small group itineraries varying in length across most states in Australia. Each trip is unique and authentic for anyone who is interested in exploring the fauna and flora, the history and culture of Australia. All trips have been curated with an emphasis on discovering hidden gems off the beaten track, and offering sustainable travel experiences that would be very hard to find anywhere else.

Australian Geographic’ adventurers, scientists, historians and photographers have brought the world to you for more than 36 years. Now they invite you to join them in visiting the country’s most intriguing places and sharing their passion. They are committed to sustaining the environment, culture and heritage of each place they visit. In doing so, they strive to protect our precious environment, from addressing climate change and its far-reaching impacts to promoting awareness of the world’s oldest living culture and revealing to you the countless treasures it cradles.


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On this tour you’ll help with wildlife surveys on rarely visited islands at Ningaloo Reef, swim with whale sharks or humpback whales (depending on season), count endangered rock-wallabies, cruise Exmouth Gulf searching for dugongs and dolphins.

Ningaloo Reef and the associated Cape Range National Park are part of the 604,500 hectare Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. It contains some of the oldest examples of life on earth and is home to big migrations of whale sharks, humpbacks, manta rays and many other marine species. Three different species of turtles use the area, some for egg laying on the pristine beaches. The Indian Ocean, which flanks the region, is bright aqua green – a stark contrast to the rich reds and ochres of the land.

Experience Cape Range National Park, home to an abundance of wildlife including the rare black-footed rock-wallaby, dingoes, western bowerbirds and many species of birds of prey. The flora of the region is stunted by aridity but contains an extraordinary variety of unusual plants often hidden deep in the escarpments and gorges of the range. You’ll help with citizen-science research and enjoy visiting places that most people rarely have the opportunity to see.

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