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Austsea Tours is a family-owned and operated charter business initially operating out of Geraldton on the Western Australian coral coast, depending on the season.

AustSea Tours create a memorable experience on the ocean of Western Australia with a Rock Lobster Experience, Sunset Tours, Whale Watching and to experience the Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton.

Fishing Tours from Geraldton are also offered and can be combined with the Rock Lobster Experience. Locally-owned and operated by an experienced Master of the Vessel with extensive knowledge and experience on the ocean.



This is the tour if you are looking for a nature-based experience catching the world-renowned West Australian Lobster (Sea Dragon) or Octopus. Take your prized wild caught catch home fresh for dinner or if you’re looking to impress someone, they can arrange to have your catch prepared by one of their local chefs for an intimate experience, indulging in these exquisite natural products.

AustSea Tours are a locally-owned business with extensive knowledge of the local crayfishing and fishing areas on the Geraldton Coast and the Abrolhos Islands.

Observe how your cray fish are caught, the processes that are involved to catch these sought-after sea creatures. Sashimi Crayfish/barbecue crayfish are offered to the guests if they so wish. Live crayfish are available for the guests to take home.

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With extensive knowledge of the Abrolhos Islands, 60 kilometres off the coast of Geraldton, a days’ fishing for Dhu Fish, Coral Trout and Blue Bone Groper would be a great day for all. With the advantage of an underwater camera installed on the boat, on those clear days at the Islands, looking at the coral without getting wet would also make the day worthwhile.

The Abrolhos Islands are a fish-abundant area and is the southernmost true coral reef system in the Indian Ocean. It is made up of 122 islands expanding over 100 kilometres of ocean and is home to some of the most magnificent coral gardens in the world. The Abrolhos Islands are such a special place for fishing as you get both your northern and southern fish species all meeting at one amazing area.

If you’re looking for a world-class fishing charter, look no further than AustSea Tours Fishing Charters. They provide everything you need to get you onto the best fish imaginable.

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