Bandicoot Bar

Natural Attractions

Bandicoot Bar at the base of the Ord River Diversion Dam wall just outside of Kununurra is the base on which the Diversion Dam has been built.

Fishing is not allowed within a 200 metre distance of the radial gates of the Diversion Dam. Boats can be put in the water at the Lions Park Boat Ramp and you can fish downstream from the Dam.

Relax in the beautiful surroundings with a picnic lunch, the location provides a spectacular view of the impressive dam wall.

There is NO swimming at Bandicoot Bar as saltwater crocodiles are known to inhabit the waters. If you want to swim, you are best to head up to the top of the dam where you will find Lake Kununurra.

Bandicoot Bar is a 10 minute drive out of Kununurra, which is a three hour flight from Perth.


Carpark Picnic Area


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